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Best Rolex On The Planet November 4, 2015

For a lot of people, a Rolex encapsulates everything that they want in a watch. It’s got the design, the quality, the craftsmanship, and the price-tag to go with it.

rolex explorer

If you ever do reach the position in life where you can afford one though, knowing you want a Rolex isn’t enough. The Rolex range is rather large, and you should choose wisely.

Knowing which Rolex is the best to buy for you comes down to a few decisions, and you should review each watch’s characteristics wisley.

The Most Famous

Certainly the most well known watches are the Explorer, the Submariner, the Yachtmaster, the Daytona, and a few of the other Oyster collection.

The Rolex Explorer is perhaps one of the most pivotal watches in the collection, as it represents just how prestigious Rolex are, and how they use real-world experience to craft their watches. The Explorer is based on everything the company learned while accompanying the first successful Everest climbs, and was named Explorer as a tribute to those feats.

It can survive in the most extreme situations and temperatures, and maintains a design that makes it very easy to read.

These days, it’s not so much the explorers who wear this watch, but everyone who appreciates what it represents.

The same goes for the Submariner, Daytona and Yachtmaster, as they too are based on experience, and represent everything that people love about their respective fields.

You don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy the Yachtmaster, or a diver to enjoy the Submariner, but if you appreciate what those professions represent and understand what they require in the top timepieces, then you’ll be able to relate to them.

Wider Selection

On top of these models, there are a dozen or so other Rolex models. You can learn about them by watching the video below or by visiting the Rolex website here.

What’s additionally important to consider is that for a lot of people, the most appealing factor in their choice of Rolex is the design. At the end of the day, if you don’t resonate with a particular model of Rolex for what it represents, you can consider the fact that ALL models represent quality, precision, and dedication.

If those are your things, then you could do worse than to choose your Rolex based purely on design, weight, size, and even cost. Afterall, it’s your watch, wear it how and why you want to.

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Swiss watches Vs Non Swiss Watches October 31, 2015


Swiss watches are not only excellence of engineering but also show us that time can be a thing like beauty. They are known for their accurate time keeping throughout the world. Swiss watches vs Non Swiss watches can be a matter of debate among the users. Swiss watch makers are making significant improvement from time to time and keep on improving, innovate and excel in introducing better and even better and make accurate movement.

Swiss watches specialize in technical watches and produce world’s only watch brand which is equipped with chronometer certified movement. They are one of the last and final, independent watch makers family in the world and are among the few companies that create mechanical chronograph movement in their workshops.

Differentiating Characteristics

Premium Metals

The metals used in swiss watches are of much higher quality then the material used in non Swiss watches. First of all, Swiss watches are made of real 316 L surgical steel which has various benefits. Non Swiss companies don’t use such metals in their watches. If you scratch the Swiss watch, then you can almost easily polish it out. You can easily remove the scratches on the swiss watch and wipe out or polish out the Swiss watches. As it is susceptible to rust, so it will not corrode. The price for Swiss watches is high as it is for the Swiss watches longevity.

The Links and the Case

The links and the cases of the Swiss watches are made of steel. So it is generally heavier than the non Swiss watches. Next time when you are in a store and see a patek phillipe is for sale. As compare to Swiss watches, other watches that are made of rolling steel can give a scratchy feeling on your wrist and when you rub your wrist then it will be rough spot on your skin. Unlike steel, other metals or materials will corrode your watch’s band.

Crystal Glass

The face of the watch is called the crystal. It is of higher quality when we talk about Swiss watches which generally use synthetic sapphire crystal. This crystal is very hard and resistant to scratch. It is a good combination with the steel in Swiss watches. This material is used so that watch looks more new and stays longer.

Link Pins

The link pins in the Swiss watches are covered in sleeves whereas other watches don’t have such features. This keeps the metal parts away from rubbing against each other and wearing.

Band caps

The bands caps, which comes with the Swiss watches is higher quality when compared to the other watches. In Other watches, the band caps are hollow and can easily brake. Hollow caps have to be replaced again and again.


The mechanical parts inside the watch cost around one third of the cost of the watch. The Swiss watches are handmade and all the pieces, bits and metal gears are handily crafted. They are checked for proper functioning. In other watches, all the parts are not checked properly for giving quality assurance and that is why the Swiss watches are more popular. Swiss watches v/s non Swiss watches are an issue among buyers when they go for buying a watch.

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Which are the top brands of watches in the world?

top watch brands

Are you planning to buy the best watch of one of the top brands in the world? Since there are various brands of watches available in the market, finding the best among them can certainly be a stressful job. Below have been briefly discussed some of the luxury and top watch brands that certainly manufacture watches that can be worn in various special occasions.

  1. Seiko

It is certainly one of the top brands of watches in the world that is highly recognized for its craftsmanship and even unique designs. This Japanese manufacturer started manufacturing remarkable wrist watches in the year 1913. Seiko is also proud for launching the world’s first Quartz wristwatch in the 1962. This top brand is also associated as an official time keeper with some of the major sporting events that includes World Cups and Olympics.

  1. Rolex

Rolex is also one of the top watch brands which are extremely popular among the people in different parts. This popular brand of watches was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in the year 1905. Later in the year 1919, the base operation of this brand was moved to Switzerland. According to sources, it has been found that Rolex is one of the top luxury brands of watches that manufacture around 2,000 numbers of watches on a daily basis. Besides being the status symbol for many men, Rolex is also the first brand of watches that introduced water proof watches in the market.

  1. Omega

Omega is the top Swiss manufacturer of watches that has been founded in 1848. One of unique fact about this luxury watch brand is that it’s the only brand that has been certified by marine chronometer. Omega is also the only luxury brand of watch that was first worn in the moon. This unique brand has gained huge popularity among the watch lovers because of its innovations and wonderful designs. This Swiss manufacturer of watches offer various types of men and women luxury watches.

  1. Casio

This is also one of the popular luxury brands of watches that came in to the market in the year 1974. One of the unique features of the watches that are manufactured by this brand is that these watches can automatically update the time, month and year. Casio brand of watches are highly popular among people in different parts of the world since it has innovated the combination of digital and analog watch. Some of the famous ranges of watches of this brand are pro trek, wave ceptor and many more.

  1. Breguet

Breguet is also one of the popular brands of watches that have been manufactured by Abraham – Louis Breguet in the year 1775. This brand has gained huge popularity among the people in the different parts of the world after it invented a unique mechanism using which the accuracy of the watch can be enhanced by smartly escaping the gravitational force. This brand is known for its remarkable designs of watches and even innovations.

These are some of the top watch brands in the market. The mechanism used in this brand of watches will certainly satisfy you and even make you feel proud to be its owner.

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